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“Louis, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” –

Rick Blaine, Casa Blanca. 


Under the quiet darkness of a movie theater, a beloved community of strangers, is where I have found the most joy and belonging since the awakenings of an only child girlhood. It isn’t of any surprise that I decided to embark on the road of being part of the dream oasis factory also known as the entertainment business.


Completing my BA in English literature at the University of Puerto Rico, I followed my studies in Columbia University with a Master’s in Film and Media, which I completed in 2021. During this time, my interest ventured in international cinema and the national politics of representation, particularly of the Russian Federation and Mexico. Throughout my graduate studies, I participated in internships and working roles surrounding archival history of both Puerto Rican studies and women in the silent era. 


After concluding my MA, I have been in a multifaceted work experience journey ranging from film screener of the Hamptons International Film Festival, creative production director for the upcoming documentary Shared Waters, programming and logistics volunteer for NALIP (National Association of Latin Independent Producers) to contributing writer for the The Sound View, between others. Of my recent adventures, I completed an artist residency at Takt Berlin studios and in the upcoming months will work for the Telluride Film Festival as a production assistant.  


Be it film, poetry, or any other medium creative expression, I am always looking for new opportunities to collaborate on that champion wild authenticity. Feel free to contact me at: and/ or 787-363-1989. 


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