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From bilingual film close captioning to marketing/ distribution pitch decks, I am here to help in any of your film's developmental stages.  Feel free to contact me at or 787-363-1989. 

Script Coverage 

Analyze feature length, short film and tv show pilot scripts through the prism of concept/originality, structure, plot pacing, characters, and dialogue. 

Close Captioning and Subtitle Transcripts 

Provide  close captioning to features and shorts. Regarding translation to standard Spanish, careful consideration is taken for translation to agree with context and not sound ad verbatim. .

Film Criticism 

From reviews to  articles of US and international films , my approach to criticism merges theory to the individual assessment of script, cinematography, sound engineering, acting and narrative. 

Marketing and Distribution Strategies 

Conduct research to identify the project or film's audience and then proceed to develop an individualized plan of action that includes social media engagement and cross-media collaboration.  

Research and Proposal Drafting 

From  national film history of the Soviet Union and Mexico to  environmental activism literature,  thorough research is primordial in both my academic and professional work.    

Project Management 

From concept development to the organization of  administrative task, I oversee the project's from its inception to its finality covering  responsibilities such as debriefing, scheduling organization and community engagement.    

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